Category: Tell Me What You Saw


Year: 2020

Status: Ongoing

Genres: Crime, Detective, Investigation, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Summary: Hyun Jae is a genius profiler who solved long term cold cases with his outstanding profiling techniques. He has a bad reputation because he is socially blind, but when it comes to his genius, no one can argue about it. However, he lost his abilities with the Peppermint Candy Case five years ago. People think this serial killer is dead, but Hyun Jae can feel that the serial killer isn’t gone yet. Hyun Jae puts his life on the line to find this serial killer who took everything away from him. Su Young is a constable who has a special ability. She can memorize what she sees exactly. Su Young is now a constable in the countryside, but she wants to become a detective in the Regional Investigation Unit someday. One day, Su Young becomes Hyun Jae’s non official partner, and they start the investigation to find the serial killer. Will they be able to find Peppermint Candy this time? less